Are you looking for new horizons? Are you ready to meet yourself?



Join us in the mountains of Sinai. You will meet the basics and the roots of a simple, but beautiful life and you will have all the space and time you need to get things clarified.


You will be welcomed into a warm community of Bedouins, who will always be there for you, but who will give you all the time you need. You will learn a lot about life and what is really important. You will be able to figure things out while walking through wide horizons and facing mighty mountains. The pure essence of life... just come as a guest and leave as a friend.


Everything is possible - our programs are as individual as people are.


Your focus can be to breathe this extraordinary moonland deep into your soul - the right atmosphere for artists like painters, writers, musicians. The right place for meditation and yoga. It will inspire your soul. You can visit and listen to the old storytellers of the tribe – they have so much to say and their tales contain true wisdom, wisdom as true and important today as it was three hundred years ago, three thousend years ago...


Your focus can be our tours - walking, trekking, hiking, climbing, riding camels, crossing the desert in a Jeep. Visiting the realms of historic sites like the Monastery of St. Catherine, the houses of the Nabataean village and much more. You will see many interesting flora and fauna – Did you for example know that the smallest species of butterfly in the world only exists in these mountains? You can watch falcons and eagles.


Your focus can be to learn more about life and its roots: Learn about the handicrafts, for example how wool is spun, treated, and a carpet is made out of it – all by one family. Learn about the more than 400 different kinds of herbs of the high mountains, where they are found and how they are used in healing. If you like you can meet the two most famous Bedouin healers of the Gebalya tribe. You will learn how to cook a tasty Bedouin meal and how to bake a bread in the desert. You will learn how to build a simsimiya and you can have a course in talking basic conversational Arabic. And you will learn a lot about Bedouin social life and meet another culture from within.


Also if you just need to clear your mind - if you are facing a decision in your life or adjusting to changes or a loss - this is the right place. Its silence is never empty and your mind can unfold.


During the evenings we like to stay together at a fire – talking, listening to old tales, philosophizing, sometimes making music, laughing… and letting the day pass in enjoying a good glass of shai.


Anyway you will have the chance to meet interesting people from several tribes and countries. You will never feel lonely. Join us in the mountains of Sinai. You will meet the basics and the roots of a simple, but beautiful life and you will have all the space and time you need to get things clear.

Sinai - a travel to the spirit of the earth

Our tours and programs

...are up to you! :-)


  • Tales tours
  • Spiritual tours
  • Natural Environment tours
  • Trekking tours
  • Camel tours
  • Meeting Bedouin People tours
  • Discovering and watching animals
  • Learning tours
  • Meditation and yoga tours
  • Silent tours
  • Kids adventure tours
  • Adventure-tour for grown-ups
  • Family tours



  • back to yourself: stay in an unbelievable wadi and enjoy peace and freedom
  • sociallife: take action and learn a lot about nature, handicrafts, herbs or the bedouin way of life
  • the gathering: be part of a group of People with the same interests and make new friends
  • the artists: live your creativity and join others in painting, writing, making music...




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